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Dangerous game

The British want to get their country back. The result from the referendum is clear that the UK is leaving EU.

Before the referendum I read an article in the ‘Daily Mail’, June 21, about the cost of every immigrant and the burden of this for the UK tax payers. Economists For Britain in this article wanted to prove that the benefits paid out for EU immigrants are much higher than their tax contribution. However they didn’t calculate the added value of their work, which contributes to the overall wealth of the country.  The truth is no one can predict the effects of Brexit but every one agrees that in the short turn it will diminish the economy.

We can see it today.



Looking ahead, the future of the UK remains unclear. The savour of panic can be sensed among the leaders of the Labour Party as well as at the Tories. PM Cameron had previously conceived a plan before he won the election based on the promise given to the people of the referendum to stay or leave the EU. He was sure that he would win the referendum but the future seems to be hazy.

I think that each group has its rights, whether to leave or stay. Politically the EU is like a corporation between each country, like a cog in a ‘mincer’ machine.

From an economic point of view the UK could lose a lot. Many companies based in the UK trade with the EU selling their products within the EU. After brexit this possibility could be jeopardised, but they are looking towards a new trade agreement. Is it possible to gain the agreement for free? The amount of money spent could be much higher than the EU contribution in such a case no one will count on the generosity from the other side of the English Channel.

Managers will face the problem of branching out new EU company inside the union.

What country do they choose?

It seems the French PM has taken this new opportunity by liberating the labour law to obliterate the fear of expensive and impossibility of firing French workers, which will encourage a precarious business to move in.

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