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After Brexit we will publish and review important articles about new legislation and the changes in law concerned with removing the Eu law from the British law. I would like to present information on how this will affect the companies.

I know the new PM has said that the status of the current remaining EU citizens is unclear but she would guarantee the status of the UK citizens. This is sheer nonsense because she would like to bestow privileges that are not in her prerogative and she would not be reciprocal in this case.      

Pandora’s box

After this bunk idea with the EU referendum for David Cameron it will be very hard ‘to patch up our broken home’ just like in the Marillion lyric. After the referendum the UK woke up in limbo. The pound is plunging, Scotland want to opt out of the UK and what next? Many Brits are asking for an Irish passport including the Democratic Unionist Party MP Ian Paisley, who had campaigned for Brexit. He tweeted: “My advice is if you are entitled to a second passport then take one.” (Independent, 28/06/2016) Maybe he expects that the British passport after Brexit will be worth no more than the paper, which it is printed on.

Many people voted for Brexit because of the immigration problem, too many Poles arrived into the country during the last few years. By leaving the EU they haven’t solved any problems but have multiplied them.

Additionally there is now the problem with the economy, not just with immigration. But if the economic problems will deepen, unemployment will surge and the immigrants will flee the country without any other lure or pressure. Is this the way it should work? On this occasion many Brits will do the UK population will decrease- the next point of Cameron’s goals. Looking at these aims we can now say the PM has achieved success nevertheless.

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