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MI6 and Middle east

US supremacy in recent years has revealed its’ own weakness. All previous wars in Middle East resulted in an exodus of refugees increasing tensions among the nearby countries.  The war in Iraq wiped out the regime of Sadam Hussain, but caused the war, which had different outbreaks lasting from 2003 until now. They have created ISIS because the core of this group is from the former Iraqi army.

Tony Blair wanted to do something decent in the wake of the Balkan’s war, but he chose the wrong country. The MI6 report that was the basis for the PM decision was a debacle, eminent contents of it were drawn form a Nicolas Cage film. The people that created it are still on the loose. It causes more concerns and condemnations because they committed it in the name of the law. No one has been prosecuted for this bungling. The MI6 chief at that time didn’t see any slip-ups in his work. What are the remains of the British Empire?  Are both National Intelligence and government intelligence of this country lost forever? Who will lead the blind country whence the secret agencies mislead public? Perhaps USA?

By waging war in consecutive middle-east countries the Americans radicalised people living there in the same manner as Israel has been doing for years, taking away the Palestinian’s possibility of living in peace. Americans wish to see the whole world become democratic or conduct policy according to the principal of “adversaries of our enemies are our friends”. They don’t sense the state where doing nothing is the best solution.  They don’t see how terrible the regime in Saudi Arabia is but they do see it in Syria. The aftermaths of the US interventions are extensive. Countries after intervention doesn’t seem to be alike . War in Libya is an other democratic crusade, which is everlasting. The USA is trying to impose a war, believing that it will turn into peace and  turn out to be a new US friendly country. The only outcome of this is the immense costs in money and lives.

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