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Tax avoidance

Shifting income to other countries, which helps to reduce the tax to be paid. The EU countries cooperate to fetter this occurrence.

In the table is simple comparison in personal tax, NIC and corporation tax in both two countries. NIC in Poland are little higher than the same in UK but in favour of Poland is that wages are significantly lower than in Britain and corporation Tax is lower. Higher personal tax and insurance allowances are in favour of UK on the other hand.

Poland UK  France Germany
Employee NIC 14% 12%
Employer NIC 21% 14%
Personal Tax 18%, 32% 20%, 40%, 45%  14%, 30%, 41%, 45%  0%-45%
Corporation Tax 19% 20%  33.3% 29.72%

How to retain access to the single market after Brexit

After Brexit there will be several vehicles to allow a company stay in the single market. The first one is to move the company overseas to one of the other European country before Brexit ends. It is very important to do during the UK membership to use all accessible vehicles.

A good start is to apply for a EU citizenship,which is what Ian Paisley did, but if someone doesn’t have such a possibility, they should a open new company in another EU country. If you have already opened it before Brexit, you will be able to keep it going in the same way and also after Brexit, with full access to the common market. The easiest way is to open a limited company in a country where you don’t need to have residency.

A decent solution is to choose Poland as a country which has low salaries (average 900 Euro) and low taxation- corporation tax is settled at 18%. Incorporation of the company is possibly via Internet on the following website https://ekrs.ms.gov.pl/


After Brexit we will publish and review important articles about new legislation and the changes in law concerned with removing the Eu law from the British law. I would like to present information on how this will affect the companies.

I know the new PM has said that the status of the current remaining EU citizens is unclear but she would guarantee the status of the UK citizens. This is sheer nonsense because she would like to bestow privileges that are not in her prerogative and she would not be reciprocal in this case.      

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