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Theresa May defends refusal to guarantee EU citizens’ rights in UK

The Guardian

Mark Carney: European economies face hit if cut off from City of London

The Guardian
Mark Carney warns EU faces financial drought if it cuts off UK overnight – but cautions Trump, China and debt could knock us off course The Telegraph
Brexit legal challenge: European Court of Justice has ‘ultimate authority’ on Article 50, British member says Independent
What is Article 50? The only explanation you need to read The Telegraph
Supreme Court hearing government appeal over Brexit powers BBC
UK can’t deport millions of EU nationals, report warns The Guardian
Turkey is being seen as a model for post-Brexit Britain BBC
Liam Fox has been warned that his plan to prevent Brexit causing massive disruption to trade with the EU is probably illegal. The Independent
Brexit and population increase ‘to change UK radically’ by 2030 BBC
Ministers put British bill of rights plan on hold until after Brexit The Guardian
Fresh Brexit challenge in high court over leaving single market and EEA The Guardian
Sir Tim Barrow: UK’s new ambassador to EU ‘tough negotiator’ BBC
Theresa May plans major speech to defuse Brexit criticism The Guardian
UK does not have the skills to negotiate a good Brexit deal, former Downing Street trade envoy warns The Independent
Senior Tory says Theresa May’s clarification of Brexit position is ‘overdue’ The Guardian
Theresa May’s speech to warn EU of risk of giving UK a raw Brexit deal The Guardian
Brexit: UK to leave single market, says Theresa May BBC
Shadow cabinet MPs ‘considering’ voting against article 50 The Guardian
Theresa May: UK will be a global leader on trade BBC
Brexit to cost Britain more than 5% of GDP by 2030 say City economists The Independent
Britons living in the EU face Brexit backlash, leaked paper warns The Guardian
German neuroscientist also told to leave UK after residency rejection The Guardian
Brexit could lead to ‘complete breakdown’ between UK and EU, says former European Commission official The Independent
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